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Why I failed to publish an iPhone vs. Android review......

I bought myself a Google Nexus S smartphone the other day. Have been trying to bring out a comprehensive review between Nexus S and iPhone. But it seems I gave up, I failed…. :-( Here is why???

1. Currently Google is shipping devices with 5 major versions… Android 1.5, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3. All of them have features so vastly different and hardware so diverse that it would be “unfaithful” to cover any single version. Most devices even shipping today ship with Android 2.0 and are waiting for a 2.2 (Froyo) or a 2.3 (gingerbread) update. Though 2.3 is unlikely on most devices.

Well then Apple also has multiple versions of iOS you might ask… But the fact is that it does not have 5 versions shipping at the same time. There is a standard shipping product with tight integration.

So I gave up comparing stuff

2. As I mentioned about the diverse hardware, it felt almost sick to find out that most apps works on 1.6 and not 2.0. Some work on 2.0-2.2 but not 2.3… The sad part is that there is not clear indication if the app is ready for your version of the device you just bought.

3. I had major problems in syncing my calendar with a coms.googleapps.blah.blah.blah service crashing every-time. Wow that was unaccepted as a google search reveals that all versions have this problem. Why has it not been fixed yet? My fault…. Something I am doing wrong according to Samsung….. Well Samsung you were great help, now STFU….

4. The device is clearly suffering from fragmentation. it shows everywhere.

5. The good points were that it can be fully customizable to a geek level and you can watch flash (barely) on it. Though flash made my battery die out in 20 mins flat and screwed my device so I had to reboot twice. Well most people use flash to watch “people screwing” anyways :-)

6. Most of the apps on the market require permissions to private data on your phone. THIS I COULD NOT UNDERSTAND…. Really. Why does a camera app require permissions to my “Contacts, SMS and personal info????”

From my post it will sound like I hate android. NO! I am keeping it. But it will serve more like a review device than my main phone. This is how I really felt in raw plain words…..

Android: A base Car that you bought and then you can customize it however you like with your own stereo, LCD, Amplifier, Paint job etc etc and all the fancy neon stuff……. and through various places.

iPhone: A polished ready to use loaded BMW with more than a million addons (apps). All in control and integrated by the company itself.

If you think I am sounding biased, well I might be…. But I actually gave up trying to find something better than the iPhone here. And “I am a geek as well”

And why the hell is “Google evaluating whether to bring 3.0 honeycomb to phones????” Should it not be a MUST?

Maybe next year I will have something amazing to talk about android.

Till then…. I failed.

Cheers….. (Kisses iPhone)