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Typical conversations with smartphone users

In the last few days I tried to note, what a typical smartphone user likes to talk about the handset he owns. Here are the most frequented lines.

Note: These are real life dialogues I had in the last 30 days. Some model/versions may have faced extreme exaggeration. ;-)

Typical iPhone User 1. Do you know about this new app that can do this and that?

2. Have you any news about the new iPhone 1000s? I read they are releasing it in june 2100. Can’t wait to getting hands on it. I have taken a special life extension for just being able to buy that thing.

3. WHAT???? The new iPhone is 50k? FUCK you Apple. You there!! I said I want the 64GB White iPhone not the black.

Android User

1. How can you NOT install a hacked OS on an iPhone. Apple is so screwed.

2. I hate the iPhone and anyone who uses it.

3. iOS is so closed. It’s not OPEN. Apple is like a nanny. What if I want to install a movie wallpaper in 1080p HD on my phone?. What is I want to change the colors of the OS to a purple porn theme? Can an iPhone do that? NO. U suck U apple user.

4. I just installed the latest hacked Android “butterscotch” OS version Feels so cool.

5. I rooted my Android to save battery life and install 100 million useless stolen apps. Isn’t that awesome.

Blackberry user

1. Hey! Send me a email2. Hey! This is my BBM pin

The most hilarious was the average BB user. Absolutely content with his phone and eyeing the iPhone / android like a devil.