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Some major iOS 4.3 features.... Its nearly here.

A third release in 4 weeks. That means Apple is gearing up to release the iOS 4.3 upgrade sooner than we thought. I expect that in the next 10 days we will have iOS 4.3 released along with the announcement of the new iPad 2. This has been reported at multiple sources.

Anyways here’s what to expect from the next release.

1. Wi-Fi Hotspot - The new firmware will allow creating a Wi-Fi hotspot using the cellular EDGE/3G connection. A boon for travellers. With the upcoming release of 3G services from all major providers this will provide data on the go to other WIFI devices. Since 3G allows data and voice simultaneously (unlike the Verizon CDMA iPhone release) we can keep using the hotspot while on a call…… Goodbye to “Tata” (What an irony of words) and Reliance (you were never Reliable anyways).

Here are screen shot eye candy

2. New Fonts in the notes application: Well I was sick of “Chalkboard”. This is a relief. :-)

3. Ability to Cancel “Large Downloads” after purchase on the phone: You can now cancel the download of an app if it is too large and you are not able to download it on the phone itself. Earlier you had not option to cancel it. This is a nice touch.

4: AIRPLAY from other apps: Apple is now allowing other third party apps to stream video/audio via airplay. So now you can stream anything to your Apple TV or an Airplay compatible speaker. A note about the Apple TV 2.0 here. Though it seems a useless device at first but if you have mac, iphones or ipads at home, the sheer convenience of streaming video directly to your TV from your couch is extremely delightful. Also helps you put on a little weight :-)… That increases the market for weight loss products….. That means more business…. that means ….. Damn where am I going??????

Well, this is all I have noticed so far. There are major under the hood tweaks but that can only be experienced over time.