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OS X Yosemite (10.10) comprehensive feature list (Updated)

Hello fellows,

If you have been following OS X releases closely since the last few years, the major gripe which users had was that Apple for not doing enough for OS X. We all felt that OS X had taken a back seat and iOS was all that mattered.

On 2nd June 2014 at the WWDC, Apple proved us wrong. And for good.

Apple introduced OS X Yosemite at the WWDC, with the largest ever feature list I have seen in recent years.

Since there are tons of new features I will keep updating this post regularly with my new findings. Here is the current List as of 5th June 2014. 


* The new UI in Yosemite

New UI: OSX Yosemite gets a complete UI makeover. The new UI is colourful and fresh with similarities to iOS 7/8. The system gets a new font which is crisp and modern. The system gets flatter icons. The new look is both beautiful and more functional. 


* The new font in Yosemite

2. Continuity - This packs the major feature upgrades in Yosemite. 

  • Phone Calls: Receive phone calls on your mac, without bothering to reach out for you iPhone. You can even reply to callers with SMS/iMessage
  • SMS’s on your Mac: People who have bought “other” phones by mistake and do not possess an iPhone, send you regular SMS’s instead of an iMessage. This is bothersome as they do not appear on your mac. But now you can receive and reply to this SMS’s right from the Mac. When you delete a SMS on the Mac, it gets deleted on the iphone as well. 
  • Handoff: Imagine this. You are writing an email on your iPhone and you walk up to your computer and continue typing that same email on your mac, exactly where you left off on the iPhone. Without the need for going into mail’s saved drafts. And you can do the same thing with any Handoff aware app. This is convenience at best.

3. New Safari: Apple revamped safari with a new design, faster Javascript and better use of resources. The new safari is sleek and a delight to use. 


* The new Safari


* The new tab view in Safari


* Safari now suggests frequently visited sites on the toolbar

4. New Mail: The Mail app gets the new UI makeover. It also gets some slick features like “Attachment Markup” and “Mail drop” are a boon to users.

  • Mail drop allows users to seamlessly send attachments to other users upto 5GB in size. Mail bypasses the SMTP server for sending the attachment and instead sends the attachments through Apple’s servers. 
  • Attachment Markup, lets you annotate images right in the message window. 

5. New Messages app: The new messages lets you carry on conversations with both iMessages and regular SMS’s.

6. Notification Center: Notification centre gets an upgrade with support for widgets, today view and the ability to interact with notifications. For e.g.: you can reply to an message in the NC itself. Or probably mark a task as finished.


7. New Spotlight search: Love the new spotlight. It pops up right in the middle of the screen, searches for both local and web content. Does currency conversions, and unit conversions. Does math too.


8. iCloud Drive: Getting a file sync service like Dropbox from Apple was something we all wanted. Its here now. And with a great pricing. Unlike before now you can store all your documents on iCloud Drive and sync across Macs, iPhones and iPads. 

9. Instant Hotspot: Macs can now seamlessly connect to your iphone for data in case there is no WIFI/Cellular Data available. Users do not have to turn on personal hotspot manually. The Mac will automatically detect your iphone is nearby and connect to it. 

10. Airdrop: You can now airdrop files between Mac and iOS. Like it was supposed to be. 

11. New useful reminders app: Now you can add specific times to reminders, like “every last Saturday” and “First day of the week”. Much more useful. 

Below are the list of other features discovered (List updated as discovered):

  1. Group conversations, add user and mute.
  2. New Finder Icon (Adorable)
  3. New Boot Screen
  4. New login screen background
  5. Photo Booth is no longer there
  6. Bing replaces Google as Spotlight Search Engine
  7. Ability to write a PDF Signature
  8. 24 new dictation languages
  9. The dock ‘fills up’ when minimizing a window
  10. Dark mode for “Professional Users”
  11. You can plug in an iOS 8 device and record audio and video. (Updated 6th May 2014)
  12. Mail now suggests contact information of the sender. The data is pulled from the mail server it seems. (Updated 6th May 2014)

* Last updated: 6th May 2014.

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