Aditya Agarwal
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My Samsung Galaxy TAB Review.... Warning!! Its small....

It sucks….. I returned it.


Update: as per request here are the reasons for my rejection.

1. The galaxy is too small to be a tablet and too big to be a phone. It fails with the screen size. I fail at carrying a 7” phone. People who justify using it as a phone should probably buy a MacBook air and use it as a phone. ;-) (Sometimes people make me wonder)

2. Half of the apps on the android Market don’t work.

3. Overall feel is crappy and touch screen is not as responsive as the iPad.

4. No future android updates coming. ????

5. My comments are further justified if you see the return rate of the TAB. A whopping 16%. That’s the highest for a product so far. So of all the Tabs Samsung sold 16% thought they made a wrong choice.